21 uses of fragrance oils

9. Put some on a hanky and put in your purse for your ‘signature purse smell’.

10. If you are a soap maker then you can use some for your soap making.

11. Leave a bottle of fragrance oil open while meditating or near a fan.frag-2

12. Add to plain lotion to create your own designer lotion.

13. Mix some with your personal massage oils.

14. Put some on a paper towel and tuck in stored clean shoes.

Add some to your final rinse lingerie wash water.

15. Dab some on your wooden fashion accessories like necklaces and bangles.

16. Add to live flowers that don’t have a scent.

17. Pour some down a funky drain overnight.

18. Dab some of your fave oil on your headboard, wooden windowsill and on the interiors of your car.

19. Put some in a pencil cup to scent your pens.


20. Add some in cornstarch for some scented powder.

21. Refresh car air fresheners with your fave scented oil.



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