21 uses of fragrance oils

Just as there are countless number of perfumes and colognes, there are as many fragrance/scented oils. From the designer Chanel No.5 to Armani Code, to all sorts of DKNY fragrances among others which are a mixture of several fragrances, to the single regular everyday scents like Jasmine, Vanilla, Lavender, Baby Powder, Honey suckle, Lemon, Orange, Rose etc there are myriad scents all over.


But what to do with all these oils? There are quite a number of uses:

1. To create your own air freshener, add a few drops of the oil to water in a spray bottle and voila!

Dab some on an artificial Christmas tree.

2. Refresh old potpourri by adding a few drops of your preferred oil to the old potpourri.

frag-33. Add a few drops of the oil into hot melted wax as the candle burns to enjoy a scented candle.


4. Keep a cotton ball with fragrance oil under your car seat or inside your dresser drawers.

5. Use some on your skin as perfume.

6. Add a drop on your cold light bulb to scent a room.

7. Add a few drops of lavender oil in your bath water for a fresh just showered smell.

8. Add some to a gift package bow, to give the gift an extra personal touch.

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