Oriflame to double its sales revenues by 2016


Swedish beauty company, Oriflame Cosmetics, expects to double its East African sales revenues from Kshs600 million expected in 2014 to Kshs1.2 billion in 2016

According to a three-year strategic plan released by Oriflame East Africa Managing Director, Mr. Klas Kronaas, the beauty giant, which celebrated its 5th anniversary this week, will also grow its East Africa sales force to 50,000 from 20,000 expected in 2014.

The strategic plan is anchored on four main pillars including network marketing, world class service, brands & products and people and culture.

Kronaas said the next 3 years will be a period of rapid growth as the company consolidates its East African operations and plans to expand to other African markets.  The company also expects to pay out over Ksh500 million annually in bonuses and commissions to its direct selling consultants.

“We will continue offering unique business opportunity to Kenyans and the people of East Africa giving them the chance to look beautiful, have fun and make money by selling as wide range of products,” said Kronaas.

Oriflame East Africa entered the Kenyan market in December 2008 and has since grown to be a major player in the East African beauty scene expanding its operations into Uganda and Tanzania.

Hair: the most important attribute of women’s beauty and confidence

At the same time, the company launched a new Professional Hair Care range, HAIR X, which targets all hair types including African hair. The range can be used as daily Hair routine at home or as professional range at the salon. The range is developed using natural ingredients and a special scalp care formulation called 6-GINGEROL which is rich in antioxidants which sooth and purify the scalp.

“Whilst the majority of Hair care products focus on nourishing individual hair strands, Oriflame has developed a revolutionary product that not only takes care of the hair strands but most importantly nourishes the scalp” said Kronaas

Oriflame East Africa Marketing Director, Mr. Harry Njagi, said the biggest trend in hair care segment is nourishment, anti-aging, naturalness and a professional approach.

“Just as good soil is the foundation for beautiful flowers, a healthy scalp is the foundation for beautiful, well-nourished hair and that’s what Hair X is all about,” said Njagi.

He added: “we promise our consumers that Oriflame’ Hair X makes every day a great hair day!”

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