You know you suck in the sack if…

 #Your partner interrupts you a lot during sex

Wait! Stop! Not there! What are you trying! I have to go to the bathroom (he/she says this every so often)

So your partner keeps telling you to not do this or that or to just stop altogether… it means that they are not enjoying and they always just cannot wait for that disgusting experience to be over. If you are ever being interrupted while in the action take the hint, you could be ruining it for your partner forever as they might just end up hating sex!

#You can’t dance to save your life

You can’t be as stiff a ruler in bed! No way! You need movement and the right movement at that. The kind of movement that has rhythm! Therefore, if you can’t bust a move on the dance floor then dear sir or madam that could be your hint that you suck in bed.

#You are rigid!

Trying to make a robot do something! <—- Try picturing yourself in that scenario. How uncomfortable and tasking would that be? Too much work that will make sweat quite and then leave you annoyed! So if you know you are not flexible, just imagine how your partner has been sparing your feelings and your ego…

Enough said. Gym might come in handy here to help with your muscles .So, find your way to the gym…

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