You know you suck in the sack if…

#You are always mum during sex

Sex has to evoke some feeling of pleasure somewhere inside your body so there must be something amiss if you don’t make even a slight sound during the action. You have to show the other person that you are present, enjoying and that he/she is doing something. It could be that you are not feeling anything which means that you can’t enjoy sex and if you can’t enjoy doing something it means that you won’t give it your best.

#You always plan for your “sexcapades”

Planning ahead on activities that are meant to be spontaneous won’t give you that amazing feeling (gratification) that you should get when you do them spontaneously. So in that case, planned sex sucks! And if you plan for sex then you must also suck at it because its almost like you rehearsed for it hence your gratification will also be fake!

#You are a messy/clumsy person

Clumsy people don’t pay attention to detail. They are ever in a hurry to finish doing something and don’t care whether it has been done well. In bed, such people are bound to just be all over the place as they can’t be still for a second to just enjoy. They want to do everything all at once hence making the experience rushed and sucky for everyone.

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