You know you suck in the sack if…

It is very rare to hear someone admit that they are bad in bed. Very rare in fact I’m yet to hear those words come from anyone’s mouth –he/she will have to be the bravest person alive. You wouldn’t know if you are good or bad in bed until your partner confirms either/or to you. It is very possible that you, your partner or both of you suck in bed! So this is a touchy topic because nobody will ever come out and tell you in your face that you SUCK IN THE SACK. Ego will be maimed!

Here are some indicators you suck in bed:

#You always need a boost from porn to get things happening

If you always find yourself looking for pornographic material before things get happening in the sack then just know you are cheating yourself and your partner as first of all porn is unrealistic (there are always cameras involved) and secondly you are acting for your partner because the feelings you possess at the moment of the action have been brought about by other people and not your partner.

*This is almost the same thing as getting your confidence boosted by alcohol. You always have to be under the influence before action in bed hence your partner gets a raw deal.

#You are generally a very absent minded person

Now, I know you will go like… what has the mind have to do with sex? Well, sex is an activity that needs to be enjoyed by two people hence your participation is highly valuable. If your mind constantly veers off then it means that you are never present  during the action hence even your partner doesn’t get to enjoy him/herself. The mind needs to be present and you should be in the moment for both of you to enjoy. Who needs to be with a zombie…

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