9 Telltale signs you are dating an Immature guy!


Dating an immature guy is like a full time job. Scratch that. Dating an immature guy is like a full time hard labor, peanuts paying job. It is taxing, frustrating and exhausting! And worse yet, you get nothing out of it. Not even experience. 

Below are telltale signs your guy is immature (a merely grown up boy if you like):

They say that for one to be old and wise you ought to have been young and foolish. Young and foolish being a past tense. You need to know when to grow up. Do not prolong the foolishness too much into adulthood.

#He is a commitment phobe

An immature man does not realize that he has to grow up and upgrade his life. He doesn’t want to commit to anyone. He will not dedicate his energy on something when he prefers to do something else like adore and make love to his new car perhaps. He will not spend quality time with you. This man will never give you a definite answer because he does not want to commit to anything or anyone.
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#He always points the finger

Nothing is ever his fault. Instead, it is everyone else’s fault. Even when caught in the act of having a clandestine affair…it is not his fault that the lady he is having an affair with finds him irresistible. He will never accept blame and when he finds himself cornered he will be generous enough to share the blame with you.


#He has never been in a meaningful relationship

He has never had a steady relationship and it is always the girls’ he has dated fault. His dating stories are full of one night stands and relationships that lasted two or three weeks and guess what honey, your relationship with him will not last either.

 Dating an immature guy is like a full time hard labor, peanuts paying job. It is taxing, frustrating and exhausting

# “I love you” are words that will never come out of his mouth

This dude will admit to loving his car, watch, video games and apartment-that he can barely afford by the way- but he will never talk about his feelings for you. He will torture you emotionally especially if your maturity levels are far apart and if you want different things out of life. He will heap emotional baggage after emotional baggage on you and will leave you to repair the damage without ever feeling a thing for you.


#He is very materialistic

He is all about everything flashy and expensive. He has his heart set on German cars when he cannot afford them without a massive help from the bank. He will borrow loans to buy things that will just make him liable… smart tv, smart refrigerator, flashy tire rims just because his friend got a better one than his. The sad part is that he will not spend on you, even on special days like your birthday. While at it he will not save anything because he can barely afford his lifestyle. That’s when you know you are dealing with someone stuck in the world of a young boy. He never has money because he Is always busy entertaining what doesn’t really matter and he probably owes everyone he knows some money.


#He is very inconsiderate

The immature man is a very selfish man. What he wants is always more important than what you want. It is always and I mean ALWAYS about him. He will rarely pay you a compliment even when everyone else does. He is selfish with his compliments. Other people and their needs don’t bother him and you will find that because of his selfishness and not caring about other people’s feelings, he is very rude.

#The surface is all there is to him

This guy is one word “SHALLOW”. He has no depth to him which is surely bound to bore you (as his girlfriend) stiff. He has absolutely nothing exciting to share about his life. He has no inner secrets, no stories and no true emotions. He will go along with everyone else’s ideas and thoughts. He is so shallow and shallowness does not look good on anyone.


#He has no real life plans

This guy has no clue what he wants to do for a living. He is comfortable with being employed (he was lucky to get his current job) and has no clue how to progress in life or what direction to take. He has not invested in education and feels nothing for the same. Just being alive is enough for him. The rest will take care of itself or some foolish, blind, desperate woman will. He is that ” YOLO is my motto” man even with the dumb decisions he makes in life.

#The ball will always be in your court

Simple things like deciding what to cook for dinner he cannot do. That entails so much thinking for him so he lets you decide instead. He will always throw the ball back in your court. Just in case you need him to help you with a plan of action, forget it…you are better off asking a complete stranger in the streets to help you make a decision. He avoids having to make any decisions.If anything ever goes wrong or you need his help, he will never step up.

All in all, an immature man is a man trapped in a moment and he can’t get out of it!

*Immaturity in this case refers to emotional and mental immaturity.

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