The Ride or Die Kind of guy…does he exist?

By Maureen Kambona

Morris Chestnut Monica Calhoun

The Lox, part of Rough Riders rap group, debuted ‘I need a Ride or Die chic’ rap song that clearly brought out a female partner who would always have her man’s back no matter what.

These types of ladies have been compared to Bonnie and Clyde, former President J.F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie O, former president Bill Clinton and Hillary and recently President Obama and Michelle, Mandela Madiba and Graca Machel and closer to home Raila and Ida as well as Hon Matiba and his wife Edith.

The mentioned women have been by their men’s side during the good and bad times, whether they’ve been ‘played’ or hit rock bottom. They have stood by their men whether right or wrong because they love and abide by their vows.

Is it right for women to therefore to demand the same from their men? What happened to the 3 Ps  (Profess, Protect, Provide) a man needs to give his woman?

Was Steve Harvey wrong when he wrote that? Are there no more species of that kind in the world?

What I am asking is…

Is there a Ride or Die…guy???

Are we right to expect a man to always have your back no matter what.. whether you are in the wrong, down and out or even fiercely protect you and your reputation whether you are there or not?

To be on his woman’s side when anything his friends, colleagues, family say about her to put her down, or say any negative things to mock her? Is it fair to say that we should also demand for our men to ‘stand by their women?’

3 things that men need to know to keep their women happy other than the 3 Ps (ref. Act like a Lady, Think like a man) are as below:

– Be the warrior: always defend your woman no  matter what. Even if she is on the wrong, side with her and then iron out the issues in private.

– Always show your woman that when she is present especially during social gatherings that you need her close to you. Take care of her needs make sure she is comfortable.

– When you are relaying a negative message or story to your woman about her from your boys/colleagues/family; be sure not to take sides. Relay it to her like it is from your observation. That is better than accusing her because so and so said it..

Now that’s a ride or die guy right there!!

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