Hot Trend Alert: Pull on that luscious leather “something”

Hot leather is not restricted to bikers and aviators no more. As the fashion world evolves so are trends and from this we get the very chic and wearable faux leather…pleather if you like.


Just a touch of leather can transform any outfit. Leather is a daring material, so it is not for those who don’t understand it or for those who don’t have a fierce fashion sense. Personally I prefer leather in small doses for comfort’s sake. An all leather outfit can be a little overwhelming especially if you live in a generally hot area like Nairobi.

*The Leather dress

Especially for a night out with friends or a fabulous cocktail party, the leather dress will come in handy as it will definitely bring the chic to the occasion.



*The leather skirt

The leather skirt has become such a wardrobe staple for most fashionistas. I find that a leather skirt worn well will give your curves the perfect boost leaving you looking all chic and a bag of chips. Also when paired with the perfect top and killer heels you can strut your stuff on the streets knowing you nailed it!


*The leather top

Pair your leather top with a non-leather bottom to give you a chic look. Pairing leather with leather can be a little overwhelming . It would be proper to wear a full leather top at night since it is usually too hot during the day to pull off leather…you do not want to come off looking misplaced.


*The leather shorts

These are fun to wear but just don’t wear them on a super hot day.


*The leather pants

The same rule applies as with the leather top. Avoid a leather top if you’re going to wear leather pants to avoid looking like your clothes are wearing you.


All in all leather (whether it’s faux leather or pleather)  gives you a pulled together stylish look. Wear it if you dare it!

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