Macklemore’s Kenyan trumpet star debuts single in Kenya

Arunga, Macklemore, Ryan Lewis

Owuor Arunga, the talented trumpeter behind the signature hone in Macklemore & Ryan Lewis hit single ‘Cant hold us down’, has released a single that will first play in Kenya before the international release.

“Black as They Come” is the irresistible new single from the Jazz/Hip Hop Trumpet artiste Arunga and rapper Dadabass, featuring singer Felicia Loud. Paying homage to the human family and teeming with the rhythm of the streets, “Black as They Come” will be released for digital download on November 29th, appropriately, Black Friday.

Owuor Arunga is based in Seattle, Washington. His music is inspired by his Kenyan origins and a kinetic global view formed by apprenticeships, playing and performing with great musicians all over the world. He is currently touring with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in support of their album “The Heist” and is responsible for the innovative and catchy horns in chart-topping hits “Can’t Hold Us.” Arunga is also an invigorating and dynamic presence on stage, known for his remarkable live shows.

Dadabass (Geneiva Arunga) is a powerhouse rapper, poet and storyteller from Kenya, living in Seattle, Washington.Her social consciousness and ability to tackle the weighty issues of today is fearless, challenging and inspirational. Dadabass’s contributions to “Black As They Come” truly makes this a family affair.

In describing the music from his first single, recorded at Seattle’s London Bridge Studio, Arunga says it best, “For me music is about making a statement, telling a story, healing, love, joy, all the beautiful faculties of the mind, sometimes even anger, drama, and adventure.”

Arunga who has been called the “Pied Piper of the Universe,” says this about his musical inspiration, “I never forget my roots; it’s the wellspring of joy that allows me to be imaginative, free and creative.”

“Black As They Come” will be available for download and streaming on all major streaming services including iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Rhapsody, Spotify and Soundcloud on Friday, November 29, 2013. The song is also available for a limited time as a free download at Owuor’s website:


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