Whisky Festival grand finale at Electric Avenue

LOVE-WHISKYLife as an aspiring whisky drinker would be much duller without attending the season finale at Electric Avenue. The Love Whisky Festival will take place in Six bars along and across electric avenue (Bacchus, Havana, Crooked Q, Aqua Blu, Black Diamond and Club Island).

The event will be the climax of the month long love whisky festival celebration.  The headline event will be themed Whisky is Vibrant and will bring together young whisky lover.

The Celebrations is part of the month long drive Whisky Festival. The event comes at a time when Kenya is experiencing a rapidly growing middle-class accompanied by a shift of consumer preferences. According to EABL’s Johnnie Walker Brand Ambassador Ryan Majiwa, The Love Whisky Festival is Kenya’s largest, liveliest and most exciting whisky tasting and lifestyle show of its kind.

“Not only the  attendees are having  the opportunity to experience different whisky at different venues, but they are also a lots of new and exciting things to learn about whisky in general, we believe that the more consumers know about whisky the more likely they are to enjoy it.” explained Majiwa.

he aim of the festival is to change the outlook of whisky drinkers in Kenya. “For a longest time, whisky has been viewed as a more conservative man’s drink, so this is our chance to demonstrate to Kenyans that there are different ways to enjoy whisky and you can enjoy whisky your own way.”

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