Papaya flesh, seeds and leaves can work wonders for your health

Papaya also known as Pawpaw is one fruit that has numerous medicinal values. It is a whole fruit as it is loaded with most nutrients required in one’s balanced diet.


The nutritional value of papaya per 100grams are:

Energy- 163 kJ

Sugars- 5.90 gram

Calories- 39 kcal

Dietary fiber- 1.8 gram

Fat- 0.14 gram

Carbohydrates- 9.81 gram

Vitamin A- 328 micrograms (41%)

Vitamin B1- 0.04 milligram (3%)

Vitamin B2- 0.05 milligram (4%)

Vitamin B3- 0.338 milligram (2%)

Vitamin B6- 0.1 milligram (8%)

Vitamin B9- 38 milligram (10%)

Vitamin C- 61.8 milligram (74%)

Protein- 0.61 gram

Iron- 0.10 milligram (1%)

Calcium- 24 milligram (2%)

Phosphorus- 5 milligram (1%)

Potassium- 257 milligram (5%)

Magnesium- 10 milligram (3%)

Sodium-3 milligram

Health Benefits of Papaya:
*It contains enzymes that help prevent oxidization of cholesterol which helps to prevent heart attacks and because it is rich in fiber it helps to lower blood cholesterol levels.

*It is good for the skin as it helps to get rid of acne and skin infections and wounds that don’t heal quickly. It also helps to open clogged pores.

*The digestive enzyme in papaya (papain) help in natural digestion thus helps to prevent constipation and aid food digestion.

*The antioxidants in papaya help to control premature aging.

*It is said that papaya seeds can cure intestinal problems including intestinal worms and parasites.

*The juice in papaya helps in curing infections and helps get rid of pus and mucus from the colon.

*Pregnant ladies who eat regular but small slices of papaya have lower chances of suffering from nausea and morning sickness.

*Papaya helps to ease menstrual cramps and helps promote regular flow of menstruation. It may also help in controlling menstrual irregularities.

*Since papaya is rich in Vitamin A and C it is known to boost immunity.

*Papaya contains anti-inflammatory enzymes that help in relieving pain making it ideal for those suffering from Osteoporosis, arthritis and edema.

*Shampoos that contain papaya products help to control dandruff.

*Papaya is high in nutritional value and low in calories making it a great food choice for those who want to lose some weight.

*Papaya contains anti-proliferative effects on the liver cancer cells hence it slows down the growth of cancer cells of liver and helps in its cure.

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