NIVEA gets new global design

Mr. Mitri Haddad, General Manager Central, West and East Afrcia at  Beiersdorf (L), Caroline Mutoko and Yogesh Shroff, Country Manager in Kenya,  BeiersdorfCompetition in the skin care industry is set to intensify as skin care experts NIVEA East Africa recently announced a Kshs.100 Million flagship rebrand of its skin and body care portfolio.

The new design is aimed at increasing interest in the skin care maker’s range of products and increasing emotional and functional value for consumers while growing likeability and skin care competence.

“We are keen on continued investment in innovation and research while designing products for the growing Kenyan market, keeping in mind the skin expertise required in responding to the needs of different skin types.” said Yogesh Shroff, Country Manager in Kenya.

The new global design is based on the iconic blue tin that has embodied NIVEA’s brand values since 1925 and is the brand image consumers’ associate with trust, closeness and expertise, thereby making products in all categories immediately recognizable.

“Following extensive research, about two-thirds of all purchasing decisions are made at the shelf,” Shroff revealed, adding, “the consistent design language across all channels – from product packaging, through point of sale to advertising will seek to increase consumer identification with the brand.”

On the other hand, the high recognition value of the new design makes it easier for consumers to recognize NIVEA products as the skin care expert strives to strengthen its leadership position in the East African region.

“NIVEA stands for skin care, trust, and quality; these are the values that our consumers all over the world appreciate” said Mitri Haddad, General Manager Central, East and West Africa, adding “We strive to ensure that our brand identity reflects these values, one aspect of which is our product design.”

Despite the investment in the adoption of the new design language, the pricing of the products will not be affected as they hit the shelves this month.

“The new design language was created from the ground up to offer consumers a tangible experience of NIVEA‘s brand values before they even open the packaging. It’s pure and authentic like the NIVEA brand,” Mr. Haddad explained.

The new design was developed in close collaboration with Yves Behar, a proprietor of the famous fuse project design agency in San Francisco that saw his team employ countless iterations, sketches and prototypes to develop a finished concept that incorporates the essential aspects of NIVEA.

With this new look, NIVEA will provide consumers with an innovative product complete with a modernized look that will serve as a partner in skin care, health and lasting confidence.

A guest enjoys a skin massage at the NIVEA flagship Rebrand at Crowne PlazaA guest enjoys a skin massage at the NIVEA flagship Rebrand

A guest has his skin tested by a professional at the NIVEA flagship rebard at Crowne PlazaA guest has his skin tested by a professional

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