Johnnie Ginger: The perfect Whisky cocktail



For people who do not like the taste of  plain Whisky or Whisky on the rocks and would like to join the elite drinkers in the Whisky world…Johnnie Ginger could be the drink for for you.

Why Johnnie Ginger? Both Jonnie Walker Red Label  and the ginger flavored soft drink have bold flavours which when combined make the perfect whisky cocktail with an invigorating bite.

Making a Johnnie Ginger  is very simple

What you will need:

Glassware– high ball

Method – build 60ml JW Red Label

Top up with a Tangawizi flavored soft drink

add Ice cubes and some lime

Enjoy your Johnnie Ginger!


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    • not just the loan but the maintenance of the highway

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  • geoff

    but there is the road levy. double taxation or I simply do not get it?

    • Yes and I believe this will be contested in courts.

    • Hoosky

      Every country in a quest of becoming a first world country should collect as much revenue as possible to self-sustain – Toll Booths are a good thing. KNHA needs money to maintain the highways.

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