Fashion shows: the ultimate hang out for guys

_MG_0024I know the title got you a little bit off, as a self respecting card carrying member of the men’s club and a board member of Team Mafisi, I always thought fashion shows were a sissy event. This was until I ran out of weekend options and went down to Naivasha for the Naivasha fashion weekend at Enashipai. It was the best weekend I have had in a long time.

There’s something about fashion shows, they are often planned by perfectionist, over zealous women who have it in their core to notice every detail or the stereo type gay guy who just has a well placed sense of order and aesthetics.

I went down to Naivasha with a couple of friends. We of course did not see need to bring our girlfriends along because: why would you be invited to a barbeque and bring your own meat? We went down to feast our eyes on the models and all the girls who came over looking like they intended to be on the runway.

Now gentlemen here’s why you should ‘bring meat to the barbeque.’ If you think you’ll enjoy a fashion show eye groping models, your girlfriend or preferred companion for the day will have an even better time rolling her eyes at outfits she thinks are terrible, it’s the one time you can completely and without any guilt look at other women and get away with it. While you’re taking mental pictures to be viewed later, she’ll be picking up trends, creative ideas and chatting away with other girls.

Fashion shows are an absolute win one of the few events both guys and girls can enjoy with equal zeal but for different reasons.

There’s other reasons to like a fashion show is one of the few places a guy can drink wine without feeling odd. Fashion shows are a great place to network and meet new people in a friendly atmosphere thanks to the alcohol at hand. When you’re done you now have the perfect excuse to ditch your lady the following weekend and she cannot complain you did not spend time with her in weeks.

Naivasha fashion weekend was a blast, from seasoned designers like Mikono Knits to the newer one’s like La Mar whose collection completely blew me away. The day’s mc Pinky Ghelani, music by June Gachui, every last detail was well placed.

I could tell you more and more but I’ll just add in a couple of pictures so you know what you missed.


_MG_0066 _MG_0098 _MG_0208 _MG_0226 _MG_0350 _MG_0356 _MG_0360 _MG_0423 _MG_9990




(All pictures are courtesy of JOe Makeni  twitter @joemakeni)

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