Wahu releases Diabetes awareness song

One Touch have released a song by Wahu Kagwi the “Project Embrace” Ambassador in yet another step to reach their target 5 million families by 2018 through a diabetes awareness and management campaign.


The song, which calls for people to have hope and to unite towards one goal for a better life, is Johnson & Johnson’s new approach to address the rising cases of diabetes.

The Project Embrace song adopts a creative way to reach patients and impact them with a message of expectation and optimism after years of traditional education.

One Touch “Project Embrace” Ambassador Wahu Kagwi said that the use of music as a channel of communication is a great way impacting audiences with the message of hope. It enables the intended publics to resonate better with the fact that diabetes is not a life sentence.”

As it is research indicates that as many as one out of 20 Kenyans is diabetic.

Ahmed said that Diabetes is a reality which many people lack information about. Testing your blood sugar levels is very important as you can arrest the situation before it gets out of hand.

“It is alarming that currently according to the International Diabetes Federation, 11.6 million cases are undiagnosed in Africa.” She added

Executive Director DMI Eva Muchemi said “It is encouraging how Kenyans are beginning to embrace healthy lifestyles with the intensity of information dissemination that has taken place over the past few months.”

“By creating awareness on early testing, and communicating effectively on proper diabetes healthcare we are about to see a significant change in the current statistics.” She added

The campaign which was launched early this year seeks to encourage diabetics to embrace healthy living through Lifescan’s Lamasat family support program which has been developed around 4 C’s.

These include, Check blood sugar regularly, Control the highs and lows of glucose levels, Consume healthy food and Care for yourself by exercising and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

One Touch has partnered with Diabetes Management and Information Centre and Kenya Defeat Diabetes Association for this campaign as it recognizes the importance of supporting and partnering with others to serve the broad needs of the diabetes community.

It has also partnered with ambassadors from other regions like Zeba Bakhtiar the famous Pakistani actress and director to step up awareness creation through opinion influencers.

One Touch’s commitment remains very high and will be consistent in a bid to reduce the increasing number of diabetics and promote management for improved healthcare.

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