Clever burger wrapper allows women to “eat like a pig”

scarfing burger

Afraid of having a burger on your first date?  Big messy mouthfuls: oozing toppings, grease dripping from the meat patty and bread crumbs sprinkling onto your pristine date-appropriate outfit.  Perhaps not one of your sexiest moments.

freshness burger

At Freshness Burger, a popular Japanese burger-chain, maintaining the cultural standards of female beauty and etiquette (which does not include burger-scarfing), is clearly important to the company – so much so that they designed and launched a new “Liberation Wrapper” for their burgers.

The new wrapper is cleverly designed to mimic the face of a Japanese women, smiling, without her mouth open in mid-bite.  When scarfing down your burger, the wrapper conceals people from witnessing the chomping, whilst projecting a lasting smile – one that is revered in Japanese culture.

Sales of the chain’s Classic Burger to female customers jumped 213 percent!  Guess it’s working?

Creepy?  Check out Freshness Burger’s video here:

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