• It is good news for Somalia, because we do not want Kenyans to move freely in our country because Somalis need referral visa when they are visiting Kenya. Somalia will never ever be part of EAC as long as Kenya is part of it.

    • finetouch

      Somalia exist because of kenya.

  • anonymous

    what garbage this is. I would reprimand the Somali government for even applying to this ludicrous organisation if I could. I would see it as a blessing if somalia didnt get in. God willing Somalia will raise from the ashes whether the kenyans like it or not. It doesnt matter how much you try to sabotage us. The tables will turn someday.

  • Somali-Republic does not exist anymore and ceased to exist on 18 May 1991 when the 2-STATES that form the Somali-republic broke divided into their original Sovereign borders of Somaliland & Somalia. It sounds ridiculous to believe but yes the Somali language is spoken in 5 countries in the horn of Africa namely: Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somaliland, Somalia and Kenya. During independence all the Somalis of the Horn attempted to unite under a single STATE called Somali-Republic. Somaliland and Somalia were the first two countries to gain independence and began the UNION.

    It is rather amusing to know that For a brief period in Somaliland’s post colonial history Somaliland was the only Recognized Somali-speaking state in Africa from 26th Jun 1960 until Somalia also gained independence. In that brief period 35-countries spear headed by Israel Gave their full international recognition to Somaliland. Driven by the emotions of a Unitary Somali speaking state comprised of Djibouti, Ethiopian-Hawd, Somaliland, Somalia and Kenya-NFD. Somaliland and Somalia formed an unratified Union that caused 31years of destruction for all somalis.

    18 May 1991 following a bitter struggle for re-independence Somaliland gain full control of it’s state territory and held a Referendum in which the Majority of Somaliland’s population voted for regaining own sovereignty and Dissolution of the 1960Union between Somaliland & Somalia.

    Somaliland is yet to receive international recognition as the AU has totally ignored the plea and rights of the Somaliland republic to it’s Recognition and acceptance within the AU family. For 21 years Somaliland republic’s rights have been ignored by the AU family and they are quick to recognize a Government SELECTED by 271 former warlords, terrorists and corrupt officials of the transitional government of Somalia.

    Somalia does not have the credibility nor the right to make any application to the AU or any other body for so long as the 2-STATES dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia have not reached a mutually accepted conclusion. Somalia does not represent the Somali-Republic and however confusing this seems one needs to remember Somalia is 50% of the former Somali-Republic that Existed between 1Jul 1960 till 18 May 1991.

    Somalia must reapply it’s membership only after it’s relationship with somaliland has been concluded and a 2-STATE solution reached. ~once that has come to pass Somalia is more then welcome to apply for any institution of it’s choice for the state territory which it represents.

    Just remember one thing There is more then one country where Somali is the language of the state!!!

    Somalia’s applications are all fraudulent until Somaliland issue is resolved.

    • anonymous

      All this you have posted is of your own making and does not reflect reality

    • ijahman

      Somalia should be one Federal Republic Spanning from Ethiopia-Hawd-Ogaden, Kenia NFD to Mainland Somalia including the little Somaliland. The small issues – mostly clan will come to pass and find solutions. Its just a matter of time.

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