How many pairs of shoes should you own?


The average woman has 17 pairs of shoes .  According to ShopSmart Magazine: Online shoe buying is in, stripper heels are out, and shoe-related injuries are a very real thing.

Now here’s the long version . . .

– The average woman now owns 17 pairs of shoes, which is down from 19 pairs four years ago.

– Of those 17 pairs of shoes, the average woman only regularly wears three of them.

– The average woman purchases three pairs a year and spends $49 on each pair.

– 829% of women shop for shoes online. Four years ago, only 14% of women shopped for shoes on the Internet.

– Also, 14% of women have lied to their husband about at least one shoe purchase.

– The most popular heel height is . . . no height. 39% of women say their favorite type of shoes are flats. Only 8% of women wear heels that are over two-and-a-half inches.

– 48% of women have had a shoe-related injury . . . everything from a blister to a break to a sprain. And 24% have actually fallen because of their high heels.


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