Internet pornography: Is it affecting you?

“My name is Mrs Odhiambo*,” a middle aged woman, elegantly dressed introduced herself. “What I am going WEB_URL_776278812.jpgto tell you is very private and confidential. My husband has been using our home computer to surf pornographic materials and I am afraid it’s wrecking our marriage,” she confided in a near breakdown.

Though there is little evidence that the rapid pace of technology innovation has made life more enjoyable, it’s crystal clear it has allowed us to do things we never did before with relative ease. It’s not uncommon, for instance, to see people holding meetings on the move. The line between the benefits of technology advancement and the dangers it spawns is thin, sometimes blurred.

The trend to abuse technology is worrying and calls for immediate action. The era in which proper internet use was left to the discretion of users is gone. The belief that forbidden fruits taste sweeter has led to an onslaught of illegal and obscene materials that not only pose great danger to our systems but also lead to moral decadence. It’s no wonder social vices like infidelity, masturbation, bestiality, and rape among others are prevalent.

Universal availability of cheap internet and advanced technology has not spared even the naïve users. People like Mrs Odhiambo should also be wary of internet paedophiles from far-flung countries constantly preying on underage children. This is possible if they share the home computer. Spurred by sheer curiosity, children will always stumble on obscene material – a prelude to child pornography.

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