Zuku’s Culinary Show extends beyond East Africa


Food enthusiasts across the region will be treated to a rich menu of exotic culinary adventures as the celebrated culinary show Tales from the Bushlarder launches its second season.

The second season, which airs on Zuku Afrika, promises to delight viewers with a fascinating fuse of food preparation and interesting cultures across towns within Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia where the host Chef Kiran joins locals in preparation and sampling of tantalizing treats from their locality.

Chef Kiran says, “The second season has truly been an extremely engaging experience that will take the viewer on a tour of Eastern Africa and its unusual and unknown gastronomic delights. Viewers will not want to miss out on the special recipes prepared in the bush.”

He added that the cooking and travel show will unveil the traditional methods used in meal preparation by colourful and interesting people from regions such as Kampala and Mt. Elgon in Uganda as well as Amhara and Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, the East African Pay TV provider also unveiled a documentary show dubbed ‘From Here to Timbuktu’; a local documentary set against the backdrop of the East and Southern African region.

This documentary series is packaged to explore the historical and cultural significance of locations across Africa including Zanzibar, Ethiopia and Lamu among other areas, with a keen focus on taking a closer look at the role each location and its locals play in shaping the continent’s destiny.

Hannelie Bekker, MD, Wananchi Programming expressed excitement at the rate of growth of the local film industry that is quickly gaining popularity in public acceptance.

“We are excited to contribute and invest in quality and captivating local shows such as these that provide viewers with value and entertainment in the local programming they consume.” She said, adding, “We are enthusiastic about the increase in adaptation of local programmes that can compete with international productions.”

Bekker reiterated that Zuku as a homegrown East African brand is keen on advancing the local film industry by supporting producers across the region and further foster greater interest in consumption of these productions.

‘From Here to Timbuktu’ is heavily pegged on history, love tales and the political economy of these countries that gives viewers an insight on the ancient story of various African communities and will air on the Zuku Life channel that brings viewers a variety of documentary series like For the love of elephants.

“Bushlarder and From Here to Timbuktu are a great representation of our rich and interesting African culture that our audiences can experience and we at Zuku are proud to be associated with these productions.” Hannelie concluded.

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