Accessorize with cocktail rings

fuesp2wsEver notice that gorgeous dramatic ring on a lady’s finger that just stands out? Well that is a cocktail ring. Cocktail rings are often large and eye-catching.

They are currently a big fashion trend and nothing says style like an oversized, dramatic eye-catching cocktail ring!

Often worn at cocktail parties, the rings can also be worn on other occasions such as weddings or even as part of a casual outfit. Nowadays, it’s normal to spot them on most ladies’ fingers and they make such a huge difference to a ladies outfit. They often ooze class and often brighten up your look.
They are a fantastic addition to your jewellery box because they can go with so many different types of ensembles whether you want to dress up a casual one or accessorize a fancy one.
When it comes to cocktail rings, the general rule is, the bigger the better. They make a huge fashion statement and come in a variety of shapes and colors. You’ve got to have one in your ring collection.


 By Janet Kay

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