Things NOT to do if you want to look good

Make up is an integral part of looking pretty on a day to day. However, if misused even in the slightest, the effect can be quite the opposite. Here are a few golden age tips to help you along and keep you on make-up’s good side. We’ve thrown in some tips just for the heck of it.

– Am sure you’ve heard this one before; never and I repeat never sleep with make-up on.

– Never ignore your eye-brows girls, like hair, they crown it all. They frame for your eyes and set the expression and mood for your entire face – so give them the respect they deserve.


– Don’t try change the colour of your skin. Unless you’re a makeup professional, it’s Halloween, or you’re going somewhere really, really dark, don’t bleach – embrace your natural skin colour. Trust me on this one.

– Don’t emphasise your lips, cheeks AND eyes at the same time. You can sometimes get away with this, especially when you’re going for a more theatrical look. But, as a rule of the thumb, pick one area of your face to emphasise and stick with it.

– Here’s a fun one; don’t be afraid to experiment. The worst thing that could possibly happen is that you’ll be arrested, and the makeup is so resilient you can’t rub it off in jail. This could result in your sentencing and conviction for a crime you did not commit. But you’re probably more afraid that people will laugh at you. So what if they do? Who cares? Rock It!! Confidence carried well, can take you a long way.OVERDONE_MAKEUP_614446413.jpg

– Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, yes even for us with black skin, it’s a major requirement. It helps to maintain your natural skin tone and protects you from skin cancer as well.

– STOP smoking, unless you want to look really, really old. If you’re an adult, you’re free to do what you want and maybe you have good aging genes, or maybe you don’t, but smoking will not help. You might look really cool with that clove cigarette at twenty. But what if you turn thirty-eight and realise you look fifty already? I’m just saying…


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