Green tea can help you quit smoking

Thanks to Hollywood celebrities and health gurus popularizing the benefits of green tea, most of us have heard of the incredible things these leaves can do.

Capital Lifestyle has shared a few articles on the benefits of green tea, however none to spur on the battle of many to quit smoking.

Green tea is one of the most popular teas in the World, and definitely in Asia.

Green tea owes its numerous health benefits to the minimal oxidation of the leaves during processing.


So what’s in it for smokers?

Smoking notoriously breaks down your immune system, and over long exposures, can really reduce your body’s ability to fight disease-causing free radicals.  Green tea contains high concentrations of antioxidants and as a result, will help boost the immune system dramatically.

The health-compromising free radicals, aside from being linked to causing cancer, but also causes the rapid development of aging.  As a result, drinking green tea regularly will slow down aging.

In recent studies, smokers who drank up to six cups of green tea a day reduced the damage by toxins by up to 50 percent.  However, one must remember that effects will differ from each individual.  That being said, someone who is either continuing to smoke or is in the process of quitting, will inevitably benefit from consuming a few cups of green tea per day.


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