9 easy steps to flawless skin


There are several wallet-friendly ways you can treat your skin and achieve that flawless skin status.

1) Coffee: Even though drinking coffee is unlikely to do your skin any good, caffeine is the next big thing in beauty products, and Treehugger has the low-down on how to benefit from it DIY-style: a facial exfoliant made from coffee grounds.

2) Cleanliness: Washing out your makeup brushes is an inexpensive way to avoid bacteria that clog up pores.

3) Peeling: In the most literal meaning of the word, try fruit and vegetable peels to achieve different beneficial effects, such as plumper or brighter skin.

4) Massage: The site gives tips on how to massage your skin for a natural “facelift.”

5) DIY facial: Use water steam to open pores, improve circulation and avoid acne.

6) Cold showers: Or at least lukewarm ones, help to keep you moisturized since overly hot water removes all fatty substances off your skin and dries it out.

7) Work out: Sport does not only tone muscles, it also nurtures skin cells and whisks away toxins.

8) Healthy food: Sugar and highly refined carbohydrates aid zit formation and skin ageing.

9) Drink Water: Six to eight glasses a day should be sufficient to flush out toxins and renew cells.


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