Karen Country Club: 3rd Annual SAP Corporate Golf Tournament

SAP (839)On a background of lush green plains amidst a thicket of trees sat a rusty feel of double sacs wrapped in ankara fabric, huge black sofa sacs with logs as drink stools, while others cushioned with pillows to serve as sitting stools. For the more sophisticated eye, a setup of white lounges donned with yellow satin was laid separately to complement different fashions. Clay warmers and gas heaters spread through the ground to ensure golfers were kept warm for an exciting night.

Known for hosting affluent businessmen who come to strike commercial partnerships, Karen Country Club Victorian Age setting had a change of scenery. Various corporates came to have fun in style during the 3rd Annual SAP Corporate Golf Tournament.

Caution was thrown to the wind, guards were let down as guests geared up for arguably the biggest night of golf entertainment that started from the traditional club night on Thursday with the climax on Friday.

“We have seen many events here but nothing has ever been this big. The bar has been raised high,” said an enthusiastic Karen Country Club member.

By 6pm, all the golf clubs had been stored away and golf shoes exchanged for heels and dress shoes. At the prize giving ceremony, Muchemi Wambugu was announced as the overall winner.

To warm the crowd into the scenic atmosphere was country musician Sir Elvis, and his band, playing ballads with such a rich baritone bellowing through the crowd like he was part of the evolution of this genre.

The golfers loosened their ties, sat deep into their seats, crossing their legs as they took in the moment with business deals put off for another day. Scott the violinist commanded attention from the crowd, as he took on the violin with marvelous melodies.

Sauti Sol was the crème of the night. Their presence on stage at 11 o’clock sent cheers of excitement among the revelers as they took us back to their first hit Lazizi, slowly taking us through their musical journey to their latest hit ‘Still the One’ – dedicated to the fans, as if going back to their roots of harmonious ballads.

The party scene saw no age limit as both men and women found free space to wind their waists to the famous ‘chini kwa chini’ dance move.   As the performance hit a climax, we got a treat from SAP Chief Executive Andrew Waititu taking the stage with his golf buddy and former Kenya rugby international player Ken Thimba dancing to the beats of upbeat tune of Sauti Sol’s Money Lover, in a modern shuffle routine, proving that even the bosses can let loose and have fun.


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