Don’t date him girl!!

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I remember when I first heard of the website ‘Don’t Date Him Girl’. There was such a fuss about it because women would use this site to put their exes on blast. I never quite understood what would make a woman feel the need to warn other women about a particular man. I never understood until I actually went on that site. Talk about horror stories! There were women who had been conned of their entire life savings. There were women who had just found out their men were married with ten children. There were some who were being stalked. Man! So it got me thinking about us here in Kenya. We really don’t have a way of warning each other. Dating is basically just a trial and error thing. I mean, I’ve been in situations where a girlfriend has introduced me to a ‘potential’ and the only thing that goes through my mind is “Really? Are you insane or high? One or the other.” So how do we know which potential is worth all the effort?


As we’ve seen today, keep away from the Rebound Guy, especially if he’s separated with a wife still lurking in the horizon. They have entirely too much baggage to even attempt a semblance of a relationship. I would like to credit Ms. Gabrielle Union for this lesson of the day. The guy may still have his ex on his mind. Therefore, he will always compare you to his ex. And woe be unto you if you do not measure up! Classic example: I was at Tamasha Hurlingham last Friday. This one dude actually told his girlfriend that she should be more like so-and-so. You do not want to know the drama that went down! Point is, after a break up, the heart needs time to heal. So let it heal without any distractions.

The next one to avoid like the plague is Mr. Magician. This dude will be absolutely wonderful. He’ll pay you all the attention a girl needs, call every morning just to wish you a nice day. He’ll tell you he loves you within 2 weeks of meeting and you’ll be so happy that you’ve found the perfect man! Then faster than the Kiini Macho dude can say his abracadabra spell, poof…he’s gone. Just dropped off the face of the earth!!! Only to reappear in a week demanding for a date within an hour. He’s not consistent, so save yourself the emotional roller coaster.

Then there’s the Slick Guy. Dude is hot…I mean really hot. Abs are on point! The kind that you’re scared to introduce to your pals in case they get jealous and try to steal your precioussssss. Always has on the latest gear, rocks the latest phones and knows everybody in town. His phone never stops ringing and he’s always talking about his big deal or his business meeting with Raila himself! Girl, save yourself the embarrassment. Do not wait till after the wedding and the kids to see his balloon full of hot air.GUY_FLOWERS_230631598.jpg

I know Rihanna has you all hot and bothered about the Rude Boy but don’t take it literally. The Rude Guy never opens doors. He’s always texting or holding random conversations during dinner. He looks at other women (yeah they all do) but doesn’t make an effort to hide it from you. He asks you out to dinner but somehow you end up footing the entire bill. Dude is just plain rude!!! Sweetheart, don’t develop high blood pressure. On to the next!

Now if it’s one dude I hate it’s Grabby Guy. Dude just cannot keep his hand off you! At first it will seem cute. But it eventually gets old. He doesn’t seem to realize there’s a time and place for everything. You could be at a corporate function and he insists on spanking that ass. Your first date was a strip club (Barrels anyone? lol). But seriously, women should be respected. There’s a difference in being freaky and just plain freaking me out. Forget about this dude’s uncontrollable hormones and find someone who will treat you like the queen you are.

Then there’s Last Year’s Guy. Ladies, there is a reason why he belongs to LAST year and not THIS year. He will just drag you into a vicious circle. You’ll always end up at the same place you were last year. There’s something called NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS. Please make one to leave him in last year.

Choose wisely ladies because some of us have difficulty shutting up when things look so obviously wrong. Don’t Date Him Girl!!!


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