The Mercedes Benz of Dark and Lovely relaxers “AMLA Legend” launched!

New hair product AMLA Legend got a spectacular launch into the Kenyan market (3rd launch in the global market) complete with stage fireworks courtesy of Beauty product giant L’Oreal East Africa.

Amla-Legend-Media-E-InviteFor that hair that is hard to manage. For that hair that has experienced prolonged relaxer use that leaves hair feeling lifeless. For that hair that has been abused through use of harsh chemicals that led to scalp irritation, thinning roots, hair loss, breakage and dullness… dubbed the Mercedes benz of Dark and Lovely relaxers(since it now sits at the top of the Dark and Lovely family), AMLA legend is anticipated to provide solutions to women with such discerning hair needs.

“The AMLA Legend will revolutionize the care of African hair. It will ensure that Kenyan women never again suffer from bad hair. They can now comfortably and safely use a relaxer that is both affordable and good for their hair. They will fall in love with the product when they see and feel the difference in the hair after using Amla Legend.” Explained a proud Patricia Ithau L’Oreal East Africa Managing Director.

Research on the new hair product claims that it can undo 2 years of relaxer damage in just 2 weeks and research conducted in other countries certainly supports this promise, with 9 out 10 women surveyed saying that AMLA Legend delivered the perfect relaxation treatment.

The AMLA ritual is a complete solution consisting of a relaxer, deep treatment mask, oil moisturizer and also a serum. Amla oil is a legendary Indian beauty secret. Made from the Amla fruit, also known as the Indian gooseberry which has a high concentration of Vitamin C, protein, powerful antioxidants and minerals, Amla oil has been used for centuries as a natural solution to condition, enhance and beautify hair. Dark & Lovely’s new AMLA Legend range now incorporates the goodness of this super-fruit to provide specific support for healthy and beautiful relaxed African hair.


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