Product Review: The NocaLibri tablet

I did a review of the NOCA libri 7 tablet by Noca Instruments Ltd. earlier, it was by all measure a device you have got to have.Anyone who sees mine automatically wants one. That said, the NocaLibri tablet is the prettier big sister of the Libri 7. It’s a lovely 10” tablet and comes in a pretty white housing. The white back combined with the black front put together give it a somewhat Apple look but it has more curves which gives it that much more style and elegance.


This is a tab that has both looks and brains, the processor comes in at an impressive 1.2 GH – BOXCHIP A10 Dualcore 1.2GHZ (Cortex A8, 3D acceleration) – I tried it out with a couple of processor intensive activities and I have to say: It seemed to perform way faster than you’d expect it to. It well out performs other devices in its ‘weight class’. I tried it first with a couple of games. They loaded fast with no unnecessary rendering and or hanging, of course t that’s just what I expected of a processor that fast. So I hooked it up to my PC and debugged an app I’ve been working on for a while. On the average smart phone or tab app it takes almost thirty five seconds for the app to install and start up, not so with the NocaLibri as it clocked an impressive 8 seconds from start to finish.

The display is also as impressive as the processor. The full HD 1920 * 1080P screen is bright enough to use outdoors in daylight. Images are large and bright and the resolution makes it a device well worth having. Watched a movie trailer on it and I am thinking the next time I’m going camping I’m bringing it along with a couple of movies.

The second reason the Libri is coming camping with me is the battery life.  Once fully charged it lasted well over a day with regular use and the occasional movie and game. The Libri has provision for a conventional sim-card allowing you to use regular data packets on the fly no getting stuck waiting for a Wi-Fi connection.  And while we’re talking connectivity it also comes with HDMI support to allow you to connect to other devices.

The Libri comes with two cameras, one at the front and another at the back, none of them are too impressive but they do the job they were built for. The front camera makes Skype a breeze.

Just like the Libri 7, this one also can be paired with a leather casing and or keyboard. With its 10” screen this should be easier to type on with both hands and type just as fast as you would on a laptop. A tablet that doubles as a laptop when you need it to. So what more could you ask for?


It’s robust, fast, powerful and pretty like a girl. Something like Angelina Jolie in the movie Tomb Raider.

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