Ladies, follow your man to the bedroom it is good for your health!

romantic-coupleSex in normal doses is good for your health suggests a study that was recently published by The Journal of Sexual Medicine. As you watch your health by eating right and exercising and drinking your required 8-10 glasses of water daily and taking your vitamins, you should include regular sexual activities on your health list.

The study that was carried out by Women’s Health Program at Monash University in Australia found that women who had sex and reached an orgasm had higher levels of energy, fell ill less and had a better psychological outlook.  So apparently you should have sex at least twice a month failure to which you will be more likely to get sick and this is as compared to those who have sex a little more regularly.

However, the study went on to reveal that it is not just about the sex. For you to reap the full health benefits through sexual activity you have to reach a climax. Yes, an orgasm should be your limit.  Be sure to anticipate that particular limit every time you have sex even if such an opportunity comes once in a long while.

And Men…sex shouldn’t be just about you getting laid,  do help your woman get to the finish line…her and her overall health will be grateful.

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