BBA winner Dillish accepts her Borana heritage



Newly crowned Big Brother Africa: The Chase winner Namibia’s Dillish recently learned of her retired Kenyan soldier father, Abdi Guyo, and that she hails from the Borana ethnic group in Northern Kenya.

Creating a media frenzy, the topic of who and where Dillish’s biological father resided became scrutinized by the media in the past few days.

A week after Dillish took home the grand prize of USD $300,000, the winner and her family revealed that the Namibian beauty was on a mission to find her real father.

According to NewVision, in a Google hangout organized by the Kenyan Embassy in Namibia, Selma, Dillish’s mother and biological father Abdi, were able to talk to each other for the first time in close to 23 years.

According to reports, Dillish has invited her newly reunited biological father to her 23rd birthday party in Namibia, to be held on the 16th of September.

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  • Ithe Wa Wambui

    Typical Kenyan…he smelt the Money…..!! Where was he all these years……??

    • Obvious

      Why are you faulting him for something he hasn’t done? She went looking for him not the other way around so this negative stereotype you’re trying to foist off on him needs to go back into the box you chucked it from. He’s at no fault for being found when he was being looked for.

    • malooney machire

      That doesnt change the fact that he is the biological father notwithstanding his absence for 23yrs

      • shazz

        being biological doesnt make you a father. raising the child does

    • wario

      He lost contact after end of the mission, this is typical with military men (tabia mbaya)

  • Godfrey Changalwa

    Kenyans doing the Oga way and the Chinedus.

  • Aggrey Mwachala

    REAL ladies look for their DAD…!

  • sarah

    mashaallahthat was ajihath,my God guide you in straight path.

  • Polkot

    That’s the problem with money. The father speaks to mom after 23 years because she won. Not my problem, I am just observing.

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