New music video: OCTOPIZZO – “NINI!”


Kenyan rapper Octopizzo dropped his latest MV “NINI!”

‘NINI!’ is a song based on the Swahili word “Nini,” meaning “What” in English and “What is” in what Octopizzo calls SwagHili.

Dedicated to party animals, the track also resonates with people who have fallen victim to ill-mouthed characters.  Octopizzo raps about staying positive as “they keep on talking we keep on moving” – “jomba ukibonga mzae mi-na-songa.”

Check out the MV here:

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  1. Avatar Darya Kassa October 2nd, 2013 at 10:52 am

    at 0:52 did this guy really have to use american dollars and not kenya shillings. is he from america? this is typical of wannabes.


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