Zeta-Jones, Douglas ‘take a break’ from marriage

douglas zeta

Movie stars Catherine Zeta-Jones and her husband Michael Douglas have decided to take a break from their 13-year marriage, according to a report in People magazine Wednesday.

“They’re taking a break,” a source told the entertainment magazine, which reported that neither star had filed for divorce or legal separation.

Zeta-Jones’ publicist could not be reached for comment.

The A-list couple have not been photographed together since April, appearing on red carpets solo and vacationing separately.

The pair have faced a tumultuous few years, with the 68-year-old Douglas fighting off throat cancer and Zeta-Jones, 43, undergoing treatment for bipolar disorder.

Douglas made waves in June when he attributed his throat cancer to the sexually transmitted Human papillomavirus (HPV), saying he caught it through performing oral sex. He later backtracked, saying he did not know what caused his cancer.

The couple married in 2000, and have two children.

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