The things you do that get you friend zoned

platonicIt sucks to be friend zoned. That’s a fact! You know, when you are put in that platonic relationship box. You want something more like a full-fledged romantic relationship  but the other person sees you as just a friend…the end! When in the friend zoned, you end up in a real funk because you are lovelorn and the person you would wish to reciprocate those feelings refuses to see you in that way. For sure that sucks.

Once you’re friend zoned moving beyond that point will be trickier than trying to prepare a gourmet meal in under a minute.


You can avoid getting friend zoned. You know, avoid being that guy who is always asked to take pictures to be sent to the boyfriend? Yup! Below are some of the things you do that get you friend zoned:

*Ignoring the signs

Always look at the signs he/she is giving you and go from there to avoid embarrassing yourself in the future. And if she/he makes up a boyfriend/girlfriend just to get you off their back she/he could be sending you a message so just open your eyes and see the signs.

*Hesitating with your intentions

Declare your intentions way from the beginning. Do not hold back because you’re still trying to figure out what kind of person he/she is. Chances are just like you, there are other people interested and they won’t hesitate to declare their intentions. If you delay that person may start seeing you as a friend and like I said earlier moving from that point is often something else.
*Obsessing over your crush

Obsessing over anyone will always just make you act all weird and nobody likes a weirdo even as just a friend.

*Trying to come between a relationship

Selfish much? If he/ she is already seeing someone, do not attempt to break them up. You will just end up looking all desperate, inconsiderate and selfish and chances are that when he/she finds out that you are the cause of the break-up friend zone will be a lucky shot for you.

*Being too available

If you always go out of your way to bail him/her out even when you don’t have the time to go and play Knight in shining armor you might just get taken for granted and be lumped in the bestfriend category as you’re always there.

*Being needy

Don’t be needy, don’t be clingy, don’t play the victim and don’t trick anyone into getting into a relationship with you. You will get friend zoned if you do any of that.

*Playing HITCH

*Giving him/her relationship advice will not get you anywhere either. This will make them see you as one of the boys/girls who they can go to pour their heart. The more they pour their heart out to you the deeper into the friend zone

So what else do people do that get them friend zoned?

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