5 misguiding sex tips that you probably shouldn’t try


Admit it . . . at some point, you read an interesting sex tip in a magazine and decided to try it out in the bedroom.  But things went horribly wrong.

But were you really that surprised?  You shouldn’t have been.  Magazine sex tips sound fun, but they rarely translate to real life.

To prove my point, here are five sex tips from “Cosmopolitan” magazine that you I think you  probably SHOULDN’T attempt:

1.) Cosmo suggests:  Find the male G-spot

According to “Cosmo”, the male G-spot is somewhere between a man’s GONADS and his NO-GO HOLE, and you should try exploring that area with your fingers in the middle of sex.

But there aren’t many guys who actually want you rooting around that area, especially without warning.  Besides, a guy’s G-spot is really easy to find.  It’s his MAN-JUNK.

2.) Cosmo suggests:  Have sex on the hood of a car

If your guy loves his car, he’s not going to want to risk denting or scratching it by having sex on top of it.  And if he doesn’t love his car, there’s a good chance he hasn’t washed it in a while and it’s filthy.  Either way, it’s a bad idea.

3.)  Cosmo suggests: Use grapes to pleasure your man

That you should put grapes in between your fingers before offering your man HAND RELEASE.  For the life of me, I fail to see how that’s supposed to make things feel better for him.  Am I missing something?

4.)  Cosmo suggests: Have sex with one leg on his shoulder

If you’re limber, there’s really nothing wrong with this move.  Just make sure you’re careful.  One misstep could result in serious injuries for both of you.

5.) Cosmo suggests:  Rub ice on his junk during oral favors

Occasionally, it becomes very apparent that women have no idea just how fickle a guy’s genitals really are.  This is a perfect example.


If you really want to know what effect ice has on a man’s package, just take a look at his junk after he’s gone swimming in a cold pool.  Can you say shrinkage?

Have you ever tried a sex move that you read about in a magazine, only to have it blow up in your face?  If so, what was the move?  Better yet, what was your guy’s reaction? Post your comment below.

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