Reasons why women shouldn’t wax!


An extremely bushy pubic area is considered unsanitary hence a trim down there every once in a while should be considered for overall good health. There are many reasons why getting rid of that excess hair is beneficial for your sexual health. From laser hair removal, to use of hair removal creams, razors, scissors, clippers, and even waxing…there are many ways to get rid of excess pubic hair.

Any hair removal technique can damage your skin and this is what makes you susceptible to STIs. Waxing is no exception. It has its own pros and cons.

The Cons

*It is painful- waxing your nether region is not a joke. It is equivalent to getting all your hairs plucked at the same time.

*If not done well it can damage your skin. You could end up with bumps, irritation and scarring that will be hard to get rid of.

*It is expensive. Since it is recommended that it should only get done by a professional and from a sanitary salon, waxing  may cost you a pretty penny.

*It gets rid of all your pubic hair. Pubic hair is there for a reason. Your pubic hair acts as a layer that defends you against infections and by getting rid of all of it may make you a little more vulnerable.
-Because of this, you may be more susceptible to certain STIs. Hair removal causes trauma to your skin in the long run making your chances of getting some sort of pox virus.

Nonetheless, Waxing is still a good option to get rid of excess pubic hair. It is better than shaving after all. Remember, it is hygienic to maintain cleanliness in the nether regions and if waxing is your preferred hair removal option then make sure to get it done professionally at a sanitary salon to reduce certain risks.

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