Kenya Fashion Week 2013 designer profile:Yvonne Nwosu


Set for August 24th, Kenya Fashion Week 2013 will be bringing together 14 designers from across the world at Villa Rosa Kempinski in Nairobi, Kenya.
Introducing: Yvonne Nwosu of Vonne & Vonne Couture

Womenswear designer, Yvonne Nwosu will be showcasing  for the first time at the 4th season of the Kenya Fashion Week 2013. She will be one of this year’s finest international designers handpicked to have her couture pieces grace the runway at the Sub Saharan fashion show.

Celebrated for her usual bold and audacious designs, Miss Nwosu hopes to bring some vivacity to the event with her newest collection. Being inspired by African wildlife, strength and courage, she uses a combination of leather, Ankara, and chiffon materials to create what she hopes lovers of fashion will interpret as a fiery, melodramatic collection with hints of sensuality. Her aim is to “get people to visualise the raw, robust yet beautiful and romantic natural settings Africa has to offer when they see my new designs”.

As creative director and designer behind the brands Vonne & Vonne Couture, Yvonne Nwosu hopes whilst she delivers something new and exciting to the world of fashion this year, she stays true to her principles and still offers her classic womanly silhouettes throughout showcasing her collection.

“I absolutely love Africa and our people. This collection is something like a homage being paid to our culture and beautiful surroundings, and what a great way to start off doing so by participating in Kenya Fashion Week 2013. I’m so excited, I can’t wait! I’m totally honored to have been invited to take part this year”.

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