Lines a guy will pull on you if he is just not interested…


Whenever we meet someone new that we may be interested in, feelings check in at full throttle. You think about them randomly and smile. You think about their smile and smile again. You think about how good they smell and you just want to find them and smell them. Everything reminds you of them and you just want to call them all the time to hear their voice and without knowing it you are thinking of how much you want to spend time with them and your future relationship together. That is why there are some things somebody who likes you and wants you in their life wouldn’t say. Find out what some of those lines are below:

*I just have a lot on my mind

When that line is thrown at you as an excuse for him not calling you for a while or for not returning your calls/texts then you should know better. When somebody likes you, you are what they will think about most of the day. In fact any chance they get they just want to erase everything else from their over saturated minds and just think about you.

*Work is crazy, can I see you when it’s less crazy…like say a month?
Same applies as above.Even the busiest of men in the world will make some time for a girl he really likes. If your new man can’t make time for you because he’s just too busy…that should be your hint to step! It’s just the best excuse he could come up with and it’s lame!

*I’m not relationship material

If the new man in your life tells you this…he is trying to tell you he doesn’t want a relationship with you or with anyone or he’s just being a chicken! He just doesn’t think of you in that way. Men are much stronger when it comes to handling relationships and such other things. So there is no way a guy will meet the woman who is perfect for him and let her go because apparently he is not relationship material…that is absolute crap! There is just no way anyone is not relationship

*I’m not looking for a relationship right now

Same as above…you cannot just let the girl of your dreams go and be with someone else as you watch because you are not ready for a relationship. If you are into someone you will forget even your worst of heartbreaks and do everything in your power to kick it with the girl who you know will make you happy.

*I’m still nursing my heartbreak

Men always know what they want. It comes more naturally to them…they know better than to fill you in on their past relationship details. Men know how to move on very fast and they’re perfect when it comes to hiding their emotions. He isn’t going to tell you about what his ex did while he knows you have feelings for him.

*Can I come over you sort me out… You are so hot I can’t wait to unleash my desires on you

A guy who really likes you and wants to be with you in the long-term knows that he shouldn’t say such a thing. Instead he will choose his words very carefully especially when you’re getting to know each other.

*I really want to focus on my career right now

A guy who really likes you and wants to be with you will create time for you and will never come up with such excuses.


*Can we take it slow?

Low blow? Perhaps he just likes you but not like that… Does anyone ever need time to figure out whether they like you or not?  I don’t think so. So why the need to take things slow so that he can figure out whether he likes you or not by telling you to take things slow? Well, a guy who asks you to take it slow isn’t just sure about you.