Kenya Fashion Week 2013 designer profile: Shahida Zia


Set for August 24th, Kenya Fashion Week 2013 will be bringing together 14 designers from across the world at Villa Rosa Kempinski in Nairobi, Kenya.
Introducing: Zenia Designer Couture by Shahida Zia.

Zenia Designer Couture was born in 1995 by Shahida Zia with the passion to make fashion as exclusive and unique as their clients. With their fine taste of fashion, Zenia Designer Couture has been loved to date for it’s detail-oriented production and creative concepts.

Zenia Designer Couture is an inspiration to improvise the rich south Asian fashion culture with urban trends following separate lines of fashion clothing. Zenia Designer Couture has come across many phases of diversity whilst adapting a design philosophy to suit the global trend of fashion and putting it into the traditional drapery, which creates the modern traditional fusion.

Today Zenia Designer Couture has achieved its benchmark of exclusivity by maintaining a difference between its couture and the commercial fashion production to meet the desire of being unique and exclusive of our ever admiring clients.




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