Curvy Chronicles: Color Block your curves


(By NJAMIO) Since the color blocking trend broke its barriers last year, its shine has never dimmed and people have been color blocking ever since.  Color-blocking is the mixing of 2-3 bold colored items of clothing in one outfit. It brings pizazz to any outfit and would definitely brighten your day as well as of those around you if done right.  And on a curvy frame, one can’t afford to go wrong with this.

Some easy tips on color blocking for beginners are:

1: Stick to two colors – too much color could cause for a sore eye

2. High contrast colors go together as well as low, do not mix high saturation colors with lows i.e. mixing vibrant colors with pastels, there are very few exceptions.

3. Start with a solid color base preferably a white top, nude or black and then build on other colors.

4. If uneasy about mixing colors, start slowly by trying vibrant colored accessories/jewelry such as a cobalt blue statement necklace for example, that is sure to turn heads!

5. Choose your colors wisely: Follow the color wheel below as a guide:  Yes, we are going back to the basics from primary school.  The colors across from each other are a perfect match to be used as a pair, now you try it, pick your fave color; they match because they are of the same saturation.


On my outfit I mix both color and print, with an embroidered skirt from Asos, a lace turquoise sleeveless top and a neon pink pump and minimizing on the accessories because the outfit speaks for itself.
I used the skirt as a focal point because it pulls the outfit together by having a color matching the top and shoes in its embroidery pattern, allowing the outfit to sync.

Always stay Curvy and Confident

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