Kenya Fashion Week 2013 designer profile: Tina Ndidi Ugo

TINA-DIDI-Collection -3

Set for August 24th, Kenya Fashion Week 2013 will be bringing together 14 designers from across the world at Villa Rosa Kempinski in Nairobi, Kenya.

Introducing: Tina Ndidi Ugo (Nigeria/UK)

Tina Ndidi Ugo is the brains behind Didi Creations, a fashion Company incorporated and based in the United Kingdom.

Originally from Nigeria, Tina designs unisex clothing, footwear, bags and accessories; as as customized services to clients on request.

Tina’s  inspirations are drawn from colours, retro, African arts and culture; hence the colourful, retro and afro centric theme in most of our designs.

Each of our design is hand crafted from start to finish. Tina uses the finest natural raw materials ranging from leather, bamboo, fabric, fur, beads, wood, straw, sequence, shells, and coconut shell.


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