• Mazzdark

    Swallow the bitter pill and find a way to make Cetral Government spend up to two thirds less on recurrent expenditure, which is mostly wasteful and not development oriented – we have to consider the possibility of lay-offs of civil servants (don’t give me that “What will they do?”) – As it is the budget for recurrent expenditure exceeds Shs 700bn per year and is growing, while the development budget is around Shs 250bn, and is the real investment worth saving, all the rest are salaries, air travel, tea/mandazis, flower arrangements, fuel etc

  • Elijah Andika

    The wish of Robinson Githae is to see ordinary Kenyans eat the untaxed rats, moles and other rodents. But whichever the case we will always prevail. For the first time I was very much pleased by the spirit MPs put in to oppose vehemently the unpopular Githae bill. Whoever will vote in Githae any other time will be a big fool, FOR HE DOES NOT HAVE THE INTEREST OF THE COMMON MAN AT HEART.

  • Sam

    Does Githae think all people earn like him?
    Whats the use of taking all the little a local man earns in the name of Economic Growth? who will play the role of developing the economy if they can’t feed themselves? STUPID Githae.

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