The World’s first ever test-tube burger


(SUMAYA ABDUL) According to the World Health Organisation, the demand for meat is apparently going to double in the next 40 years, for this reason, scientists have invented “the world’s first test-tube burger” (grown in a laboratory from a cow’s stem cells). The burger will eventually be served in London next week. The development of this fascinating invention cost more than $380,000 (and does not come with French fries on the side).

The burger has been made from 20,000 strips of cultured meat mixed with lab-grown animal fat and took nine weeks to grow. WHO also reports that the new creative burger will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help address, animal welfare issues.

Mark Post, from the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, spent two year researching the initiative and said, “There is no doubt it would be revolutionary in the way we produce staple food, it depends on how much resources are put into the production of cultured meat. It always takes this long (it takes 8-9 weeks to produce just one stem cell burger) for cells to multiply, but we could produce a million burgers in this time if enough resources were used were being spent on the production”.

“The whole presentation next week will a proof of concept,” said Post. Of course we’re not there yet to make it an efficient and cheap product. But I want it to be so that people can see: “Yes you can eat it, yes it tastes good”.

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