Apparently Oysters actually kill your libido!


Intimacy is key in every marriage, to give you that healthy bond a couple that shares almost everything needs. If you constantly find yourself NEVER wanting to participate in bedroom matters and you struggle so much to get in the mood, then there are some foods that you may want to limit intake of or cut from your diet completely .  If you suffer low libido, then you may want to avoid:



Oysters have long been known to be the king of aphrodisiacs but according to recent research they are said to actually work in reverse. They kill your libido! The argument is that oysters are a well-known source of zinc which are known to play the key role in clitoris sensitivity and creation of hormones but they have been found to be toxic! Apparently oysters absorb the toxins and parasites in the ocean which may make the zinc mineral that we get from them outweighed by the toxins.  It is therefore said that it is much better to get the same mineral from spinach which is also a low calorie high zinc food. Other libido killers include:

#Cakes, Donuts, Bread and other processed baked goods

Baked goods contain saturated fats that just cause trouble to not only your cells but to your immune system as well. Saturated fats surround the cells making absorption of vital food glucose impossible. This in turn raises your blood sugar level and lowers your libido. Aside from that the saturated fats also clog your ventricles hence reducing oxygen to reach to your sexual organs. This also prevents the spleen from producing the required amount of white cells so eggs and sperm will have difficulty in multiplying.


#Ice-cream and most Dairy products

Lactic acid found in dairy products (like ice-cream and cream cheese)  is known to be an oxygen–destroying element which can kill libido. However, this does not mean that you should cut dairy products from your diet completely as dairy products are the main source of Calcium which is linked to cell and sexual health and when your cells are healthy, they increase sensitivity for better circulation to genitalia hence more pleasure during intercourse. So, just simply reduce your dairy intake but don’t remove dairy completely from your diet. Leafy greens, sprouted beans, wheatgrass juice, soymilk are some food options packed with calcium.

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