Apparently these qualify as “bad sex”…

Sex is good and necessary no doubt but only when done under the right circumstances, with the right person (read, YOUR man) and without shocking repercussions to follow the sexual encounter. Any time you find yourself clouded with guilt after a “sexcapade” -no matter how much later the guilt checks in-then that qualifies as bad sex. Other examples that qualify as bad sex examples include:

#Mandatory/Obligatory sex

Sex shouldn’t be a chore. Instead it should be enjoyed by both people partaking in it. So when one person forces the issue and asks for sex every other waking hour then it ceases to be enjoyable and it ends up feeling like it’s a duty and you might end up resenting not only your partner but sex as well. When you have obligatory sex for fear that if you don’t do it someone else will you will just be helping in killing the pleasures derived from sex for yourself.


#First date sex

This kind of sex can make you feel useless and a sure way to bombard yourself with tons of regret later. But whenever and however you choose to have sex is always all upon you. If you’re ok with feeling used or dirty than safe and comfortable about it and with your decisions then by all means do what you feel pleased with but be sure that sex on the first date is frowned upon.

#Ex sex

This is single-handedly the best fit for bad sex you could probably have. Your ‘ex’ is called so because you parted ways since things were not working out. So when you decide to have a no-strings-attached sex one of you is bound to get attached anyway and the other will enjoy having his cake and eating it too. Needless to say the ending will be one piece of ugly.


#Rebound sex

If sex and feeling desired just because you are lonely and you need that void filled when you’re still not yet over your break-up is your kind of thing then you are treading the wrong path.  In the long run you may end up feeling worse when you choose to have some meaningless rebound sex. When you realize that you’re not really getting what you were looking for because you’re just in bed with someone for a particular reason and not because you like them you may end up feeling worse than before.


#Break-up sex

Having sex for one last time before you part ways never works. There’s bound to be emotions that can’t be easily fulfilled. That bitter feeling will linger on and in the case where you have hopes that your partner may change their mind after realizing how good you are together in bed, you might just end up with a sack full of heartache in case things don’t pan out your way. But just in case things work in your favor and you decide not to part ways just yet, you may end up holding on for much longer having not solved the issue that was and heaping baggage on top of baggage which won’t help anyone’s case.

#Peer pressure sex

Having sex because everyone else you know is doing it is not always the best way to go about it. You are likely not to enjoy it as sex is enjoyable when done with the right person at the right time-that is when you are most comfortable and ready for the experience.bad-sex

#Pity sex

Having sex with someone because you are feeling pity on them is just plain lame and pathetic. If you have sex with someone out of pity, you’re not helping yourself. He may enjoy it but what about you? Sex should be enjoyed by both parties period!

#Drunk sex

When we drink we tend to have impaired judgment on everything and when sex is involved with full intoxication you might end up doing something you will regret. Alcohol is known to decrease sensation, and men’s ability to climax and even get things up to do the do.

#Desperate sex

So you did something awfully unforgivable and your relationship is hanging by a thread and you decide sex is the answer. You feel the need to show him what he’ll be missing out on. Most men cannot say no to sex, so he will just take what is being offered to him and still leave you if that is what he was planning to do and guess who comes out as lame?

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