Does Fasting promote a healthy lifestyle?

(SUMAYA ABDUL) Fasting has been a practice for people since ancient times, as a way of aspiring to get closer to God (as Capital Lifestyle mentioned earlier here), and a way to attain a bond that only God and man know about! But who knew fasting was a way to cure annoying health problems?

Most people think that fasting disrupts and deteriorates your blood sugar or that it bears high risks of slowing down the metabolic system, but actually, staying without food and water for 20 to 36 hours causes your body no harm. In fact, research shows that short fasts can reduce risks of heart diseases and diabetes—and maybe even cancer!


#Fasting improves insulin sensitivity (which is a very big deal). When your cells are tickled by the effects of insulin, they do a much better job modulating your blood sugar levels after meals and this makes life a lot easier for your poor old pancreas.

#During fasting the digestive system is said to ‘rest’. The continuous exercise of producing digestive secretions (but at reduced amounts while fasting) helps balance fluids in the body.

#The act of fasting also promotes detoxification, since fat is burned and toxins are released.

#Some research also show that fasting triggers resolution of inflammatory diseases and allergies, examples of such being arthritis and skin diseases such as psoriasis. Some experts even suggest that fasting could magically heal the inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis.

Fasting is unbelievably one of the non-drug methods that are used to cure blood pressure, it reduces the rate of metabolism which causes fear-excited hormones adrenalin and noradrenalin to be reduced, which keeps the metabolic system steady, and leads to the remarkable reduction in blood pressure issues. 695468656

#The lack of food and water causes a person to crave for natural foods such as fruits and promotes a drive for water, which is commendable to be noticed as a healthy lifestyle, since it stops a person from the desire of processed foods.

#Fasting boosts immunity if one is careful not to break their fast with an abnormally excessive amount of food. Fruits contain vitamins A and E which boost immunity so one should take care of their balanced diet in between fasts if this is to take place. Fruits should be eaten a lot while breaking the fast.

However besides the benefits, fasting can also cause health drawbacks, since it could cause dehydration which could lead to headaches and migraines (that is why drinking a lot of water is advised during the period while breaking the fast. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, malnourished people, and individuals with cardiac arrhythmia, renal or liver problems are advised not to fast.

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