Several reasons to date a geek


Now as a poster child for the terminally geeky and nerdy I’ll throw out some tutorials on why we geeks and nerds make the best boyfriends.  Of course most girls in their prime will not touch a geek with a forty foot pole let alone a  blue tooth tether (the geek talk begins) – but they are missing out on some of the best guys out there. Geeks are not socially awkward; they’re just not user friendly.

If a geek ever pops his head from behind his laptop to give you a second look, you should consider yourself lucky – I don’t mean to honk my own horn but toot toot. There’s never ever going to be a guy with the time and patience to try and understand you. While every other guy is turned off by complexity geeks are not. You’re just another code challenge, another widget to decode. While other guys lose their minds when you just shut down on them, geeks just call that a blue screen. That’s when we take off our regular glasses put on our slightly bigger glasses, refill our coffee or redbull and get right back to fixing the blue screen.

Now say what you like about us but everyone agrees that geeks are the nicest people you 3930194643a6306131004mlwill ever meet. All we want to do is change the world but no one gave us the source code. (if you got that one you’re about ready to date a geek).

We’re always warm and friendly and have you taken a look at geek forums online? It’s only there that people half way round the world will spend hours trying to help you out for nothing but a “thank you”  at the end. Geeks are used to doing things for free and getting no recognition for it. We have built it into a business model, it’s called open source technology.  So if you ever find yourself dating a geek rest assured he’ll be nice to you and not because he expects anything in return.

Geeks have interesting ways of looking at things, while you’re looking at your pluses and flaws and wondering whether the glass is half full or half empty, geeks just decide, “The glass is neither half full nor half empty, it’s just twice as large as it needs to be.” We make the most patient boyfriends ever. We’re used to having codes not go as we had planned it and spending extra time on projects but at the end we always get things as planned, the geeks motto “If at first you don’t succeed call it version 1.0”

While every other guy will flip out if you change the way they dress hang out etc, geeks are open to changes, it’s called an upgrade or an update. We don’t mind letting you in to our lives to change certain things, we’re mostly open source. So you’ll have a boyfriend who includes you in the relationship since he’s already used to working in teams but with the independence of an individual.


Geeks have a well-placed sense of loyalty which explains the mac versus  PC wars. If you ever do date a geek, he’ll be loyal and will be so elated that you chose to be with him so you’ll be sure he won’t cheat on you. Whenever you will not be around he will be all over the internet doing bug fixes for free and the play station controller keeps his hands busy as he waits for you to get back.

At the end of the day geeks are still individuals, predisposed to personal temperaments and emotional balance. So if it does not work with the first geek, just call it a beta version and find the alpha version.

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