Delusions Of A Toy Boy


(OYUNGA PALA) I sympathize with Raphael Tuju. For all he has done and achieved, he will be judged for one growing blot in his otherwise stellar public service career.  The wild conspiracy theories doing their rounds following the death of his estranged wife’s lover are unfortunate. The Jubilee government probably breathed a sigh of relief when Tuju’s sordid affair hit the headlines. The country is in a heightened state of civil tension, that a distracting headline sex scandal is the kind of breather anyone in government would gladly welcome. We might as well dwell on the headline story of the day.

Why do we cheat? That is the easy part; because we think we can get away with it.

This one should probably go out to the aspiring toy boys out there, spending long hours in the gym, angling to draw the attention of the older frustrated married woman. The simple thought that the wife of a top honcho would be pursuing a boy still in college, with a bank balance that has never gone past the 20,000 mark must be a head spin. Since the young man lacks the economic leverage to date within his age group, he decides never to look the old gift horse in the mouth until, he knows better. In the now relevant words of the former US ambassador Johnny Carson, choices have consequences.

But toy boys typically do no start out as toy boys. They are innocent lambs in a power game way above their comprehension. The initial attraction to the unhappily married woman is driven by novelty. The married woman wields seductive power that mesmerizes the virile man. The chance to bite the forbidden fruit unnoticed is a huge ego trip. However, the toy boy is just an outlet that the married woman uses to punish the man in her life. In her mind she is justified. Her pursuit for revenge is seen in righteous light. She can claim she was not loved and the public empathizes. The toy boy will have a hard time convincing anyone that he did it for love.

The first time she sleeps with her young lover, she acquires a sense of power because she gets away with it. This drives her right back for a second sampling, where she savours the illicit passions and decides that she has every right to be loved. By the third and fourth times she will want to try every crazy position she fantasized about.

By this time, the woman believes she can manage the consequences given that her affair has gone on undetected. The toy boy may have his doubts but as soon as that racy text appears, “Sweetie, last night was out of this world!” all blood required for coherent thought, shifts downwards and like a new smoker who thinks he has grip on nicotine, he remains in denial over his new found addiction.

In the throes of passion, a young man will believe everything a woman tells him. The toy boy takes sides, soaking in all the bile the wife spits out about the husband and naively believes he is the good guy in the picture. Unfortunately, affairs are full of half truths and secrets. Like oil, the murk always rises to the surface in time.

By then, the novelty of new toy would have worn out and they quickly discarded.





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  1. Avatar Mwangi Gituto July 4th, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    hopefully its just a matter of time before they can find enough oil, but with so much inequality and theftocracy who needs this wealth?

  2. Avatar La-Proffesore' Abdul Njoka July 4th, 2012 at 4:08 pm

    we farm sugarcane,the land is ours ,labour ours,inputs zetu,miya yetu ,factory zetu,magunia yetu,malori yakubeba yetu but sugar still hit 200 bob a kilo.Now we are gonna have oil,i hope it wont hit 250bob a litre when Turkana oil is finally available at our petrol sattions!

  3. Avatar La-Proffesore' Abdul Njoka July 4th, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    we farm sugarcane,the land is ours ,labour ours,inputs zetu,miwa yetu ,factory zetu,magunia yetu,malori yakubeba yetu but sugar still hit 200 bob a kilo.Now we are gonna have oil,i hope it wont hit 250bob a litre when Turkana oil is finally available at our petrol sattions!

  4. Avatar Philos Mudis July 22nd, 2013 at 7:58 pm

    Sometimes it is just good to run away from this unhappy but married women even if you feel ‘love’ you’ve never felt before. But I guess sometimes young men go for it because:

    1) They think they are loved by someone they think they are capable of loving, so they step on the gas;

    2) They see it as an opportunity, a good one, and what’s the first thing that some think – strike, or miss the chance to experience a wonderful thing;

    3) They see such women as demanding less from them compared to the ones in their age group – which they call ‘the difficult ones’, but I guess taking time to actually walk side by side and stand in front on the ‘difficult ones’ makes a huge part of the experience that real men should undergo.

  5. Avatar Carole July 23rd, 2013 at 11:28 am

    hey nice piece,
    i have a frnd with a toy boy and whenever they are together people always ask her if that’s her son. to hide the guilt she carrys’ along someone younger than her who can be assumed they are with the toyboy. i also think its eating into her because of mistrust issues. why would someone cheat because of a bad marriage and go to wallow about an unfaithful toy boy????

    1. Avatar shane September 10th, 2013 at 10:10 am

      Nice one…it will be nice to have one if need be but come open and make it worth it…


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