Ways to keep your relationship interesting

#Set some goals and work on achieving them together

Deciding where you want to be in the future ensures that you indulge each other completely. And after accomplishing the set goals reward yourselves and then set another one. This will not only help you better yourself and your relationship but you’ll realize that it’s better to work as a team than separately.


#Try new things in the bedroom

This is if you have a sexual relationship. Things will always get monotonous in the bedroom with time whether you like it or not. Discussing your fantasies -assuming your partner is your best friend as well and you can always discuss anything- and trying to act them out could help keep your relationship going as you will be experiencing new things in the bedroom as well.

#Discover things together

Discovering new things helps in adding that element of new to your life. Do something new together like a cooking class, join the gym as a couple, take a random business course together so that you have something to discuss about. It is better to create your something in common. It will be your “little something special” as you’ll be going through almost the same experiences hence new discoveries.


#Go on romantic dates

Do date each other, even after 10 years of being in each other’s lives and make it your regular thing. Pull out seats for her, try each others food, do the old dinner under the stars thing. As you do the date nights always think about creating new memories. Go to all those restaurants you’ve always wanted to sample and make it look like you just met for the first time and hold hands because you can. This will make your relationship healthier.

#Give each other random gifts on random days

When you give someone a gift they will automatically feel loved and cared for. Give your partner a gift you know they’ll enjoy, even if it’s a silly gift and give it to them when they don’t expect it. This will ensure that there will always be something to look forward to from each other and you can always rest assured that your partner really cares for you and thinks of you often.


#Take a vacation together

Get corresponding leave days from work and take those special vacations. Vacations help people have new experiences and then again people are always bound to be nicer to each other whenever they are away from home.


#Play host every once in a while

Indulge your mutual friends in your life every now and then. Have little private parties or game nights with other mutual couples. Friends will enjoy your company and isn’t it humbling when your friends start admiring your relationship and use the two of you as their SI unit? This also helps bring you closer as a team.

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