Ways to keep your relationship interesting


Relationships do get routine at some point whether we like it or not. You don’t have to wait for the boredom to come in though, you can always try to fight it and below is how you can attempt to do that.

#Put off shacking up together for as long as possible

If you are the type that believes in living together before marriage then you may want to wait and move in together when things get really serious between the two of you and you are certain you will end up married. Living together contributes to premature monotony in the relationship and you are bound to get in each other’s faces way too early.

#Spend some time apart

Since absence makes the heart grow fonder, do allow yourselves to miss each other every once in a while. He could spend one evening hanging out with the boys without you calling him every 5 minutes and she could do the same with her girls, sister or mum just to allow each other space.
#Have some separate friends

It is important to continue living your life as it was before the two of you met. Keeping a separate set of friends with common interests means that you still have ‘you’ to live for. Never lose yourself in a relationship as much later things may come back to haunt you . In case you experience a hitch in the relationship (and yes there will always be hitches in relationships) you should always have a couple of friends who you can run to and they will understand you and won’t be torn between who’s side to take.

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